Uniformed Officers - The Presence of our alert, meticulously groomed, rigorously trained security officers act as a deterrent to criminal activity as well as accentuate the image of your company/facility.

Impeccable Standards - Wherever you look, whether it's our uniforms or the immediate access to top management, you'll find that we hold service and accountability in the highest regard.

Whether it's out on-site officers, roaming supervisory teams, service representatives or back room operations, you'll encounter courtesy, competency and responsiveness.


Stellar Reputation - Our management team has 40 years of commitment and expertise in the security and building maintenance industries.  We'll be happy to supply you with a list of our long term client relationship.

Advanced technology - In addition to our well-equipped officers, Stratus Security's behind the scenes communication and investigation equipment is state-of-the-art.

Training - All our officers are required to complete a NYS certified training program, a specialized on-site training program for your particular company and are subject to quarterly review.

Screening Procedures - Our stringent requirements for each applicant include: a general security exam, several interviews, psychological examination, drug testing and verification of previous employment history.


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